OK, now where was I?

OK, now where was I?

Y’all … the last time I posted was January 30th!  That is craziness.  That is my life.

It got so busy. 

Good stuff, fun stuff … live life in the moment stuff …  but apparently not “recording” it stuff.

I wouldn’t even know where to begin … I mean, should I tell you about the 10 state, 3500+ mile driving trip we took at Spring Break, about Caroline’s sweet 16, Brittany’s 13, about some cool things the Lord is teaching me?

Years ago (14 to be exact) I considered myself a scrapbooker.  I made two or three or five books recording all kinds of things.  I loved them.  We still enjoy looking at them.  The Saturday before Brittany was born I went to my last “scrapbooking retreat”.  Tons of fun, but truth be told, I always enjoyed talking and looking at everyones books more than working on mine so I didn’t get much done.  The next week Brittany was born and I never scrapbooked again.  I don’t even think I would anymore … are scrapbooks old fashioned now that you can just make a cute photo book? …. but the advice people have given me for the last 14 years is “don’t try and go back and do everything you missed … just start with today”.

So I’m starting with today.  A wonderful, rainy day.  I “get to” take one child to the dr. today, I might “get to” watch one child play baseball later if the rain lets up, I’ll teach 40 or so young adults what I know about persuasive speaking … and I’ll look forward to catching up around here.

Oh, and I plan on using Ruby, my mixer.  I’ve neglected her to.

Feeling revived today.  Spoke at a retreat over the weekend and enjoyed spending time with some ladies I spoke to last year and have now become friends.  They asked me when I was finishing my book.

Some of you have asked me that too. 

I don’t know what will come of the book, but I do know I need to record some things or I won’t be able to remember anything to put in the book.

I have started the book and I can’t go back and try to catch up on everything, but I’m not going to get any farther if I don’t get going.

So here goes … let’s get it started.


3 thoughts on “OK, now where was I?

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