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Couple of things ....otherwise known as a post about nothing

1.  Just for the record, I took out the old memory from my computer and added  in new memory, doubling its size.


Of course, I bought the memory over the internet …. forgot where I put my memory …. and by the time I remembered where it was, I could no longer remember how to install it.  But I found a video on you tube and in five minutes flat my computer was lightening fast again.

The guy at the “genius bar” at the Apple store told me I could do it myself.  He said they could do it for me but they charge a lot and he was sure I could do it.  SUCH confidence he had in me.  Of course when I told Bill what I was doing he immediately got all panicky and said things like … “are you sure you can?” and “is that ok?”.

But I was successful beyond my wildest expectations.  And truly … it’s not one bit hard at all.  But I like to think it took a “genius”.  HA.

2.  Speaking of “genius bar” … we have nicknamed Savannah “genius bar” in our home.  Anytime someone has a technical question we say … “Go ask genius bar”.  This past summer Brittany’s iphone was broken and we needed to unlock her phone to get her contacts off for her new phone.  Because the screen was broken the ATT store said it couldn’t be done.  Undeterred we went to the Apple store’s genius bar … thinking they could help us out.  They took a look at it and said “unfortunately, it just can’t be done”.  So we went home, somewhat dejected, and Brittany sat on the couch lamenting that she had lost all the contact info on all her new friends from camp.

About an hour later Savannah runs down the stairs yelling …. “I did it!  I knew I could!!!”  Sure enough … she had done what Apple said she could not.  She had unlocked a phone with a broken screen (which had no picture) … all by herself.  We quickly ran back to ATT and within minutes Brittany had all her contacts loaded onto her new phone.  A few days later we were back at the Apple store and saw our friends at the genius bar.  I told them what Savannah had done and they could not believe it.  They wanted to know how old she was and how long until she could come to work at their store.

And this is great news because that girl is going to need a job one day.  :)

3.  Speaking of Savannah … she had a birthday last week.  I ordered her a cookie cake only, instead of writing Savannah on it, they wrote Sayannah … or maybe it’s Sazannah.  She and I both thought it was hysterical.  I call her Sayannah now sometimes.

4.  So far I think this school year has been a WHIRLwind.  One child wants to go on college visits while another child is working on his elementary reading list.  One plays high school volleyball, one plays middle school volleyball, one plays soccer and one plays football.  Then add in swimming, tae kwon do, a tumbling class and church activities.  I’m so thankful Caroline can drive now …. only it still feels like there are more places to be … all at one time … than is really possible.

Last night was Savannah’s first soccer game and I just loved it.  Pleasant fall evening, visiting with one of my favorite moms, outside … watching other people run.  (ha!)

Then we came home and finished like 14 hours of homework.

5.  I have moved the information from my speaking website,, to this website.  Hopefully I’ll be adding in my upcoming speaking dates onto this site over the weekend - it depends on how many games are on our schedule.  :)  If not, next week for sure.   It just made more sense to have all the information on one site vs. two.  I felt so fortunate this fall to “get to” expand my speaking beyond churches.  I so enjoyed the groups in the community where I spoke and hope to do more of that in the future.  So, if your group needs a speaker …. let me know.

6.  I bought a really great album on itunes the other day.  It’s from North Point.  Andy Stanley tweeted that the album was “better than candy corn Oreos” …. which I thought was a VERY BOLD statement and so I needed to find out for myself.  I must admit … it is awesome.  You can buy it here if you want.

7.  Have a great weekend!