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As Promised ...

Y’all!  What is wrong with me?!?  Why has it been over two months since I posted a blog?  Ridiculous.  I “pinky promised” on facebook yesterday that the blog would come back today.  After that a friend called to see why I hadn’t posted in so long and then last night I met a blog reader at a speaking event who said she had been reading for years.  Her name was Christy Gould and she was introduced as “my stalker”.  Here she is … she doesn’t look that scary.  :)  So fun to meet her in “real life”.

I was speaking at an event at Fishers of Men Lutheran Church and it was hosted by SUCH nice ladies. This was the “event planner” Mimi Stokes and her daughter.  Aren’t they so cute?!

One of my favorite people to meet was my new friend, Gloria.  She is beautiful and I found her in the crowd almost immediately because she was wearing one of my favorite colors.  Afterwards she came up and told me her story.  You see, she was there as an aid for an elderly woman.  She drives her and cares for her … and had brought her client to this event.  As I was speaking I told Lysa Turkherst’s story of how she adopted two boys from a Liberian orphanage.  It’s an amazing story of what God did with one little boy who felt he had nothing to be thankful for so he sang a praise song.  He ended up in a choir that brought him to America where he and 30 plus other boys were adopted.

Gloria found me afterwards and said she was so touched just to hear her country’s name mentioned in America.  She was there during some of the war and saw the atrocities that those boys experienced.  She said she was so encouraged by hearing that something good was coming from something so bad.  And yes … God is good like that.  I enjoyed meeting Gloria and hearing her story so much.

I have to show y’all something funny.  Hysterical really.  The other day I went to Dallas to speak at an event up there.  My friend Laura was going with me and we were going to rent a car.  I told the rental company a small car was fine.  They pulled up in this:

It was THE smallest car I had ever seen or ridden in.  TINY.  Someone asked me if it came with a remote control and batteries.  And guess what?!  IT TOTALLY SHOULD HAVE!  I felt like we should be pedaling this car with our feet … not driving it 240 miles away … so I returned it.  You heard it hear first … if they ask you if a small car is ok … say “no”!.

That’s really all I have for now.  Someone asked me yesterday if I could upload some of my stories to youtube.  I did a little story today.  Savannah had to help me upload it but there’s a reason we call that girl the “genius bar”.  Enjoy!