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Funny Friday

I ran into one of Caroline’s former Sunday School teachers the other day and she said … “I enjoy following you on facebook”.  She then said … “I can never understand how so many crazy things can happen to one person”.

And you know what I said?

I said … “I CAN’T EITHER!!!!”.

Just this week it was pouring rain and I had to run something up to the middle school (story of my life) … and as I was locking the front door … in the pouring rain … my phone (which my kids had changed the settings to make it flash LIKE A BOLT OF LIGHTENING when I get a text) …. flashed LIKE A BOLT OF LIGHTENING.  And I jumped and kind of screamed and checked myself for burn marks (not really) … because that’s how real it was.  And when I told Bill the story he asked … “Did Sally see you?  Please tell me Sally didn’t see you”.  Sally is my across the street neighbor and she would have died laughing or wondered what ON EARTH was wrong with me.  Then he said … “how does this stuff happen to you?  How is it that the exact second you put the key in the door (I was was thinking about Ben Franklin and that key and the lightening) … you get a text and your phone happens to be on some crazy “lightening bolt” setting and next thing you know you are screaming ALL BY YOURSELF at the front of our house?”.

I don’t know.

I really don’t know.

But stuff like that happens  It’s funny.  And I love funny.  In fact, I need it.

Which is exactly what an author on this blog  said today.  So now I can’t wait to read his book since he and I both love funny and I finished my other book.  :)

All that to say … over the holidays, my cousin (who also happens to serve in the unofficial capacity as editor in chief of my blog …. and most days I think this is because he is one of the only people that reads it and thus tells me when I have typos, etc) sent me the link to a blog story with the caption … “this sounds like you”.  As in … this story is so crazy it could have happened to you.

And seeing how I love Frostys from Wendy’s, he is probably right.

But since I love funny … and maybe you do too … you can read about it here.

Or if you you prefer a video … they talked about it here:

They were on the Today show too.

I think we can all agree that Bill was wise not to propose to me in this way,  :)

Hope you have a Funny Friday!