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So, let's catch up ...

My goodness!  Where does the time go?  One minute I was blogging and the next minute I was trying to remember what my password was because it had been so long since I had last posted.  I don’t have any kind of explanation for where I’ve been except … life.

As they say …. life happens.  7th grade football season came and went and Jacob has now moved on to basketball. We made a few college visits with Brittany and watched her swim in some swim meets. We’ve been to Austin to see Caroline and had her here twice (briefly!) as she interviewed for summer internships (she got one!!).  Savannah is always busy doing something new and had her first guitar lesson tonight. We went to Arkansas for Thanksgiving which was a blast and believe it or not Bill just told me today that I had logged more airline miles than him this year going to speaking events.

So yes, life. Grateful and enjoying each moment.

I did want to touch base quickly because starting tomorrow is “5 Seconds of Christmas” which I will be posting throughout December.  That reminded me that I never posted “5 Seconds of Fall”.  There was only one video called “Palms Up” and you can view it here:

More blogs to follow.  Hope you will follow along with “5 Seconds of Christmas” as we “Look for Jesus”.