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The long and short of it

Several years ago Savannah got a doll for Christmas which was also named Savannah. The name was right there on the box. It was part of Target’s line of knock off American Doll girls. The doll immediately became “Savannahdoll” to Savannah, and she has always pronounced it as all one word.

A few years ago, Savannahdoll had an unfortunate hair experience when Savannah (the girl) sprayed, what she thought was water, into her hair. Turns out it was actually cleaning spray for a dry erase board. I don’t know what chemical was in it, but it did a number on the doll’s hair. It was like a perm gone bad…very, very bad.

It became a ratty mess the likes of which Johnson’s “no more tears” detangler could have ever done anything about …. and trust me, as a child I had lots of experience (most of it bad) with the Johnson’s detangler.

Savannahdoll’s hair was a serious mess. And every time we tried to comb it out, it only seemed to get worse.

Although we loved Savannahdoll, it seemed like it might be time for her to retire from the doll line up on Savannah’s bed.Until last night.

Savannah (the girl) got a mischeivious look in her eyes and said…“can I cut her hair, can I? can I?!?!

The fact that she even had a doll beauty shop chair that had never been used only made the decision that much easier for me.

So this morning, Savannah’s Salon opened for business.

I was almost a little jealous because I kind of thought it’d be really fun to cut that hair too.

I even got a little nervous…I mean, what if Savannahdoll didn’t look good with the new do? But there was no turning back, Savannah was ready.

She worked long and hard, like any good stylist.

Clearly enjoying her work.

And then it came time for the big reveal…

It was Extreme Makeover, Doll Edition.

And I think Savannahdoll and Savannah (the girl) have both turned out pretty darn cute.

Tonight she asked me if she could get her hair cut to match Savannahdoll. I’m going to have to think about that one a little longer.

I’ll let ya know.