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It all started with a frog ...

My friend Sharon once told a joke at our church talent show about a WIDE MOUTH FROG. She was maybe nine or ten years old at the time. It was hilarious…I wish I had a video of it. She got a big laugh and we gave her frog stuff for a long time.

This past weekend my kids actually played on a WIDE MOUTH FROG. I didn’t know such a thing existed, but at Schlitterbahn, it does. And they had a good time and I kept thinking about Sharon’s big talent show debut.

And all these years later she still calls me and when I say “Hello” she immediately says “the funniest thing…” and proceeds to tell me a funny story. Sometimes she calls and says…“I have a new one….” and she’ll tell me about another hilarious bumper sticker she just saw.

Last week it was a t-shirt she read at a theme park. (If you must know, it said…I’m right 95% of the time. Who cares about the other 7%?).

Sometimes I answer and she’s just laughing. I don’t think she has ever had to tell me who it is…I just know. Even lately when, through some programming error (mine!), she comes up on my cell phone caller ID as Tommy Brown. Even that is funny.

There have been some times where she calls and starts laughing and then I laugh and the next thing I know we’re both laughing and I don’t know why … but it’s just funny to hear each other laugh.

And even when things decidedly unfunny are going on, we still manage to laugh.

Cause that’s what we do.

And I think it all started with that frog.

NOTE: OK, I just accidentally posted this to my cousins weight loss blog called Losing It! I guest write on her blog sometimes and I accidentally wrote this blog on hers.

And y’all…Sharon is going to think the fact that I posted this on a blog called Losing It! is hilarious.