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Oh what a weekend!!!

Since I named Friday’s post “Oh what a night!”, I thought it was only appropriate to title today’s “Oh what a weekend!”  I had the most amazing time sharing with such a sweet group of ladies from San Antonio.  I was so blessed by being with them and feel like I left nearly 100 new friends behind.

A big bonus of the weekend was getting to share a room with my forever friend Jennifer.  It was her church that was hosting the retreat and she introduced me to everyone, encouraged me, and as she said, was “my assistant” when I did things like leave one of my props in the room right before I was to speak.  As I told the Shearer Hills ladies, she and I could go 20 years without seeing each other and pick right up where we left off.

Pretty soon I’m going to Midland to speak at a Womens Christmas Luncheon/shopping event and will get to hang with her sisters there.  (you see, in addition to serving as my assistant, she is also my booking agent!)  I feel like I know her family so I almost feel like I’m going home.

In November I am actually going home to Arkansas to speak at Geyer Springs Baptist Church for their ladies Christmas Brunch.  If you are in the area, I’d love for you to come.  I’ll be sharing about our expectations surrounding the holidays.  Lots of stories, friends … lots of stories.

And it took me awhile to post this because today I “got to” speak to a group of MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) at a church near downtown Houston.  I made sure to tell them that as much as they dread taking their toddlers to Target, the first time you walk in that store with your baby at kindergarten, you’ll get a lump in your throat.  At least I did.   Still hard to believe there are no little people at my house anymore.

And I HAVE to tell y’all this because if you have been reading for awhile you will TOTALLY appreciate it.  Sunday one of my new friends was telling me that in an attempt to call her friend who was staying in Room 911, she accidently dialed 9-1-1.  She just might be my new best friend.

Oh what a weekend it was!

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Deanne - Oct 2, 2009

I knew it would go well!! And the lady who “pulled a Darla” - I can relate!

Leslie Lauren - Oct 2, 2009

I’m so pleased to hear it went well!!! I kept you in thought and prayer while on vacation last week. You are a breath of fresh air, and I’m so glad to have “met” you :) :) :) :) :)

Now get some sleep! :)

Beth - Oct 0, 2009

You are becoming quite the little speaker! Before you know it, you and Beth Moore will be running in the same circles. I’m SOOOO proud of you. Doesn’t suprise me a bit. Mom’s going to try to make it to Geyer Springs to hear you. (Don’t tell her I told you), but she’s having a hard time seeing you as such a wonderful, poised women’s speaker that I told her you are. (She’d kill me for saying that.) You’re my only friend in the world I could tell something like that to and know you won’t be offended. :) You know she loves you though.

Thanks for the “911” chuckle! Sounds like you two could become quite the good friends! Love you!!!