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It doesn’t snow in Houston at Christmas.  Or at least it’s not supposed to snow then.  This song even proves it:

But you know what?  Friday Houston had the earliest snowfall ever in the history of Houston … and it’s Christmastime.  Which means global warming aint all it’s cracked up to be.  And it means we had an awful lot of fun.  The kids went to school in the morning and by noon they were on their way home.  BIG fluffy flakes falling from the sky.

I mean, who really wants to go to school when it’s snowing in Houston?!?

We did what you do in snowfalls … and tried to catch snowflakes.

And after I took a few more pictures everyone piled in the house for some hot chocolate.  Brittany wanted to make pancakes so we had pancakes and hot chocolate… and a really good time.

As I heard a lot of people say … it was the best Friday EVER in Houston!