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Resolutions are so ... resolute.

I heard on the radio today that most Americans make New Years resolutions.  They said you shouldn’t make more than three in order to have a better chance of actually accomplishing them.  I’ve never been much of a resolution maker … mostly because it just sets me up to be a resolution breaker.

Caroline reminds me every now and then about the time I said I was giving up sugar … until later in the afternoon when I got hungry for some sugar.  Then I decided I’d give it up after Brittany’s birthday but that was close to Valentines and then Bill’s birthday and then … well, birthday cakes have sugar and I had a hard time saying no to those cakes.

My sister and I did talk about doing the Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred today and about being accountability partners to make sure we do it.  Now all we did was talk … but I totally think that should count for something.  Besides, I tripped over something today and hurt my toe and that might set me back a week or three.

Anywho … I have set some goals.  Maybe they are more “things I’d like to do better at in 2010” than goals or resolutions.  Whatever you want to call them, I decided I would record some of mine here.

I orignally wasn’t going to share them because goals seem kind of private and all but the radio said when you share your goals it gives you more motivation.  That remains to be seen.

Here are a few of mine intentions:

*like I mentioned yesterday, I want to spend more time in God’s word.  I even printed out a schedule which has me reading through the whole Bible by reading 25 days a month.  According to my calculations that means I can start today and still get in all my reading for January!

*I want to be more intentional about making meals for my family.  We have cut down considerably on how often we eat out.  Caroline doesn’t eat off the kids menu anymore and so the kids eat free nights don’t have such a big payoff.  Plus I love having our family sitting around the table talking and laughing.  I have a HORRIBLE habit of “intending” to make things.  In fact I cut out, copy and read recipes all the time.  But somewhere between “intending to” and “doing” I fall off the wagon.  I’m not planning on turning into the Pioneer Woman or anything C-R-A-Z-Y like that … but I do want to try and think about the meals I’m going to make more than an hour or so before I’m supposed to serve them.

*Because of the previous goal, I’d like to get a new pan or two and, according to my sister (gourmet girl that she is) … I desperately need new knives.  I got a 2 pot, 2 (small) skillet set of cookware when I got married from my mother in law.  That and a spaghetti pot my mom gave me have pretty much been it for me the last 19 years.  Before Christmas I bought 2 new pans at TJ Maxx.  One is a big soup pot that I cannot wait to use!  Only Brittany and I like soup - which means I also may learn how to freeze stuff this year.

So far so good on this goal.  I made homemade pot pie this week (which consists of chicken, frozen vegetables, a can of cream of mushroom and cream of chicken mixed together with spread out crescent rolls on top).  Caroline ate FOUR helpings which made me feel great.  I also had the girls make brownies and jello gigglers (what’s not to love about a jello giggler?!?).  They enjoy it and I get to hang out with them while I’m making dinner.

Tonight I made green beans in the other new pot and I swear they tasted better.  It’s a heavier pan and even Bill commented that he liked how heavy it felt.  (I totally cannot believe he, or I, were discussing pots and pans.  What have we become!?)

*I also want to be more intentional about some things … like writing notes to people.  I always MEAN to do it but … kind of like the cooking … I often have better intentions than follow through.  People are important to me.  I have wonderful family and friends and by golly … I want to send them a note here and there to let them know.  Like a note … on paper … like we did back in the early 90’s.

*I’d like to finish my book.  I changed the title and wrote for several hours on the way back from Arkansas the other day.  (Three cheers for a laptop!)

*I’d like to do more speaking engagements.  I LOVE to share my stories and I LOVE to share thoughts I feel like the Lord gives me (if your church needs a speaker, send them to

I just realized that I listed six intentions which is twice the number they said I should have to be successful.  I’d think I was an overachiever but seeing how it’s January 6th and I’m just getting around to my goals, I’m pretty sure I’m NOT an overachiever.

OH!  And you know what … I’d like to work out more.  Lose some weight … you know .. actually DO the 30 day shred … not just talk to Deah about it.

That’s it.  What about you?  I’d love to hear your goals, resolutions, intentions … things you are considering thinking about in the near future … whatever you want to call them!

Here’s to 2010 … and doing the things we set out to do!

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Chelsea - Jan 3, 2010

I LOVE your intentions. Great cookware makes for great cooking! I’m in full agreement of that! (BTW, ALL of the recipes on my recipe blog are EASY. After all, I can make them and I’m just a child!!)

HoustonGurly - Jan 3, 2010

Yay for you, making all those “intentions”! Me, on the other hand, resolve to not make resolutions this year. :)

Deanne - Jan 3, 2010

Good goals! I always set goals instead of reslutions. Love the new pans and the goal for cooking. That will help that 30 day shred, should you give it a try later on. Let me know if I can help!

Morgan Nash - Jan 6, 2010

I love your resolutions! I’m with you on the cooking and writing letters. So much the best of intentions. It also doesn’t help that Patrick is a great cook but I miss doing it myself. As for Jillian, I got it last summer and only did it for a week. Great DVD! If you & Deah need some company, I’ll join in! :)