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The annual recharging of the batteries ...

For so many years now that I have lost count, my 3 college roommates and I have been going for a girls weekend to Hilltop, TX.  I’ve spoken of the Hilltop Honeys before.  Now, never mind that I never actually lived with any of them.  It would have been fun if I did.  Plus, the three of them lived with each other at various times and I visited … so I bestowed roommate status onto myself.

We arrive at Hilltop each year on Friday.  Carol, Debra and Michelle ride together from Dallas and I drive alone from Houston (insert sad face here).  This years trip was delayed due to snow in Dallas.  I knew we’d still go though when Carol sent an email that said she didn’t care if she had to “crawl”, she was getting to Hilltop.

So, we missed a few hours of visiting that afternoon in Hilltop (that I am going to lament until next year) but I am so glad we got to go.

We met up at the restaurant we’ve gone to on Friday nights for the last several years in Leona, TX.  We have to go the first day because after that we put on pajamas and try not to take them off until Sunday (unless Carol persuades us to take a walk which did not happen this year).  Here we are in Leona:


When we said we wanted a picture in the restaurant the owners encouraged us to take it with the wax cowboy and Indian.  So we did.  We’re crazy like that.

Now here is what you should know.  When we go to Hilltop, we recharge batteries … the real kind and the personal kind.

I’m serious.  EVERY year the batteries in the smoke detector at Hilltop have to be replaced.  Sometimes it’s beeping when we arrive … last year during the second night it began to beep.

And sure enough … when we arrived this year, it was beeping.  Here are Debra and Michelle doing the honors:

We decided this year we should buy a new smoke detector but the more I think about it the more I think it is just so appropriate.

Because we too are there to re-charge our batteries.  We literally sit on the couch for hours on end (in our pajamas) talking about any and all things.  And it is so relaxing.  So very, very relaxing.

And we recharge our batteries.

Which is good because the first thing Jacob said to me when I got home was … “MAMA … I almost died when you were gone but Daddy saved my life and I’m still alive.”  Now, there had been an altercation with the seat belt and Bill had to cut him out.  But he did not “almost die”.  He just gets a little carried away in emergencies … I have NO idea where he gets that from - ok, or maybe I do.

But my batteries are charged and I can handle the emergencies (hopefully), the crazy schedule (did I mention this is basketball playoffs week and I barely have time to think) and all else life related.

At least until it’s time to go back to Hilltop and charge the batteries again next year!

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Deanne - Feb 3, 2010

Great fun! Can’t wait to see wait recipes came out of this year’s visit.

HoustonGurly - Feb 4, 2010

I SO need a re-charge! Lucky you to be able to get away for some girl time. I need to schedule something with some of my girls soon!

Molly - Feb 4, 2010

Is that Michelle (maiden name) Condray!?! Tell her “hi” for me! All the “honeys” look FABULOUS.

Glad ya’ll were able to recharge!