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Updates ....

1.  Reports of Looper’s demise are greatly exaggerated.


I don’t know.

Looper seems to have one foot in the grave and one foot ready to ramble around the neighborhood.

What I do know is this …. she won’t eat out of her food bowl.  She’ll drink … but dog food?


I put all her favorites in the dog bowl and she wouldn’t touch it.  But when I set a hamburger down in front of the bowl and she gobbled it down faster than you can imagine.   Currently lunch meat is her meal of choice.  Any kind … anywhere …. except in the bowl.

She is the funniest dog I know.

2.  Brittany has healed up great from her trampoline injury!  All the scabs are off her face.  There is a bit of a “scar” but I think over time it will go away.  Here is her face now:

3.  Speaking of her injuries, she won the “what’s broken this week” award at the end of the year choir party.  It seemed every week she came in limping, or had ice on a jammed finger from basketball .. or something.  I never realized how banged up she was on Wednesday nights until they “honored” her this way.  She, Savannah and Jacob sang in their end of the year a few weeks ago.  Brittany’s choir did a “mini-musical” called “Roamin’ thru Romans”. I always enjoy their program.

4.  Brittany and Savannah also had their piano recital last weekend.  The teacher just has a handful of students come at a time so it’s small and not too intimidating.

A really fun thing is that lots of kids from our school and neighborhood and church played … so we knew almost everyone there.  That’s Mrs. Collins, their teacher, on the left.  She deserves a “bravo” herself!

5.  Caroline made it home from D.C. late on Mother’s Day.  That was a nice present to have all my babies back under our roof.  Even though she wasn’t here the rest of us made our traditional trek to Hungry’s restaurant.  Such, such a sweet time.

Lots of love …

Lots and lots of love …

Sometimes they act normal …

And always … always, always … we share dessert!

6.  Lastly, this is probably the most boring post of all time.  Sorry … just so many things I don’t want to forget.  And seeing how today I, for the first time ever, put on “readers” because I couldn’t make out the words on the newspaper I feel it’s very important to write these things down!  Don’t tell anyone I wore readers, it’s our secret.

7.  And very, very lastly … if you are still here …. which you probably aren’t, I just wanted to thank you for reading along.  I always enjoy when people tell me they read the blog.  I love when you comment on the blog.  So thanks … thanks for coming along on the ride!