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Darla Story - Dance Recital Edition

Last week was a doozie!

School ended on Wednesday and Thursday morning at 10:45 we had to be at a LONG dance recital dress rehearsal.

And I arrived at 10:45 on the dot.

Savannah’s hair was done.  Her tights were on.  Her costumes were ready to go.

And there was no one there.

Not a single person.

We were at the Stratford High School auditorium.

That’s Stratford with a “t”.

Turns out the recital was at the Stafford Center auditorium.

Stafford with an “f”.

Stafford is a town in Texas.  It’s not in Houston.  Mind you, it’s not far … 15 or 20 minutes … but you have to take the beltway to another freeway, etc.

It’s not down the street is what I’m sayin'.

It was no fault of the dance studio that I went to the wrong location as I found no less than three sheets of paper AFTER the fact that all said … STAFFORD Center.

With an “f”.

I just didn’t think I needed to read the papers since I have been to my fair share of dance rehearsal practices.

But I couldn’t have been more wrong.

When I called Caroline to tell her of the mistake, her comment was … “MOM, why does this stuff always happen to YOU?!”

When we pulled into the STAFFORD Center I heard Savannah in the back seat saying … “Stratford … Stafford, Stratford … Stafford”.

I said … “you can see how I made the mistake, right?”

And in her flat, dead pan way she said … “not really.”

When I got there a friend asked me if I was in tears when I realized my mistake.

Again, not really.

Honestly I thought it was hilarious.

And from now on I’m going to read the notes they send home!

Here are a few more pics of my dancer:

Bravo Sav!  You looked beautiful!