The bright side

The bright side

Caroline left for camp this week and I called her today as she was on her way to let her know about Looper.

She asked me if I cried and I said “yes”. 

There was a pause and then … with some hope and expectation mixed into her voice, she said … “so, started thinking of any puppy names yet?”

I scolded her on her lack of sensitivity to which she responded … “MOM, you always said to look on the bright side of things!”

I guess.

But we’re not getting a puppy.  Not for awhile anyway.  This mamas heart has to recover from a big ole Golden Retriever sitting on top of it for over 15 years. 

Then we’ll talk.

In other cheery news, a friend brought me a cupcake yesterday from a store in Houston called Crave.  It was iced lemon and it was DELICIOUS. 

SO good. 

Like all I can think about kind of good.

Guess that is why they named the store Crave.

I asked the kids to make a “bucket list” of things they would like to do this summer.  I secretly snuck a field trip to Crave into the bucket.

Maybe they’ll choose it tomorrow.

I might even eat two of them!

And that, my friends, is called looking at the bright side!

3 thoughts on “The bright side

  1. I vote that you don't wait for it to be pulled from the bucket list, but you go just because you have had a tough week! Sometimes it's okay to break the rules like that!!

  2. I'm so sorry about Looper. I agree- you need some mourning time. But then you SHOULD consider another puppy! They make houses happier!!

    There aren't any cupcake places down by me. WHY NOT?

  3. I'm with Caroline. Maybe that's why we have so many! We grieve for our losses but it doesn't consume us because there's always another 1 or 2 or 5 waiting for us. That would be on my bucket list. Puppies do make for a happy house. Not that cupcakes don't either, but puppies are more lasting.

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