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Those dang peanut butter crusts ...

A few weeks ago I wrote about Bill and I’s life with Looper.

My first baby.

As Bill says … she was the “Forest Gump” in our lives … meaning she was there for every important event of our lives together since December of 1995.

This morning we said goodbye to our sweet Loop.

It was time.  The last month or more feeding Looper was tricky.

No dog food for her.

All those chicken breasts I had to cook came in handy, pancakes, peanut butter sandwiches … and when Bill realized he had just gone through a drive thru to order 2 cheeseburgers for the dog?!? … I kinda knew then her days were numbered.

She enjoyed those McDonalds burgers though …. she really did.  :)

On Saturday I barely got her to eat and Sunday … nothing.

And I knew.

I knew it was the “compassionate” thing.  I knew she was tired. I knew it was the right thing.

It was a decision we didn’t want to have to make, but we needed to do it.

And Bill and I went this morning.  I loved on her and cried.  I think the poor little grim reaper of a vet’s assistant felt really badly - I think I might have been more than he was anticipating for his summer job.

We didn’t stay.  I couldn’t.

And I did just fine when we got home.  Just fine all morning in fact.  I KNOW it was the right thing.  I do.  Probably should have done it sooner.

Seeing her dog food bowls was o.k.  Thinking I saw her walk up to the back door and almost telling the children to let her in was fine too.

But when Jacob ate his peanut butter sandwich for lunch and left the crust just like he always does?

Well, that did me in.

Looper always ate Jacob’s crusts.


And it hurt so much that she wasn’t there to give them to her.

Still does.

I’ll miss you forever Loop.

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Deanne - Jun 1, 2010

I am so, so sorry. Yes, it does hurt. We’ve never actually made the decision that you all did. We’ve just always waited until… I don’t know that I could. Bless you both. I know you have such sweet memories. Those first ones share so much of our lives. When it is just them and us. No kids, no other animals. She will never be replaced, but she will always be loved.

Britt - Jun 1, 2010

I am so sorry! I laughed reading your stories about sweet Looper and even shared them with my husband who loved them! I hope you find some peace today! Thinking about your sweet family during this tough day!

Cindy - Jun 1, 2010

This broke my heart, made me smile, and made me cry all at the same time. Can’t ask for a more unconditional love than that of a dog. I think often of Claire’s (our!) first dog and having to make the call to her at Auburn that Allie had died. We’ll be thinking of all of you as you treasure your memories of Looper.

Teresa - Jun 2, 2010

This made me cry for you to say bye to sweet Looper! She sounds like a wonderful dog! - Jun 2, 2010

Wiping away tears. So sorry. I know this wasn’t easy!

Deah - Jun 2, 2010

I miss Super Duper Looper and can’t believe she’s gone. How silly that I couldn’t even sleep on Sunday thinking about it and I’m a million miles away. But you got to think she’s been around for 15 years. There’s not too many people that stick around for that long. Love ya Super Duper Looper.

Beth - Jun 0, 2010

Oh my Darla! I didn’t know!!! I’m so sorry!! and I was blabbering on about my trials and life happenings. Can’t believe you didn’t tell me. Oh girl, I know you loved that dog. My heart is sad. :( ….and that just doesn’t happen often when I’m thinking of you!!!