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At least one of us looked good ...

The week that we moved was long and hard.  We literally worked until very, very late and night and got up very, very early to go back to the old house to continue packing and cleaning.  Although the movers had taken almost everything (we thought), there were still several closets to be cleaned out, storage rooms, the garage, etc.  It was A LOT of work.

The final walk through with the new owner was at 3:00 one afternoon.  We finished at 2:00 that same day.  I don’t know that I’ve ever been that tired, hot or gross.  It seemed like I needed more than a shower.  I needed a long soak in a sudsy tub … but we didn’t have one so that couldn’t happen.

I remember one day walking in to order some food somewhere and thinking … “I’m quite sure I’ve never looked (or smelled!) this badly in my entire life.  I was literally getting up, putting on a cap and leaving.  I had circles under my eyes, not even a trace of make up, dirty hair … are you getting a picture?!?

I honestly wondered if I could recover from looking that badly.  It took me some time before I found my hair dryer, make up and even my shoes … and I must confess, I was relieved when one day I actually dried my hair, found my curling iron and put on make up … all on the same day!

I’m sure my family was relieved as well.

A week after we moved … during which time I was still suffering from post traumatic move syndrome, Caroline went to the “Sweet 16” dance.  It’s a big dance at her high school where the girls turning 16 host the girls in the other grades for a big soiree.  We didn’t even look for a dress until a week before the event.  THANKFULLY we found one in about 30 minutes and it fit her without requiring any alterations.

She looked so beautiful that night.

And had a great time.

And after weeks of feeling grimy and dirty and gross, it did my heart good to see at least one of us prettied up!