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Fondu'n Family

Sometime late in the spring semester I read where straight A students would receive a free meal at “The Melting Pot” if they brought in their report cards.

So you know what I did? … I said …. “Girls, go study”.  And then I said …. “Go study some more”. 

Actually they are very self motivated so I didn’t really have to say that - and sure enough … they ended up with straight A’s.  (In all AP or Pre-AP classes!).  Apparently Bill did very well in school because if I had been in AP Geometry … well, I’d probably still be there.  I still don’t understand why I need to know how to figure out a math problem about a shape that has letters of the alphabet in it.  Ridonkulous I say!

So, Saturday night we went off to the celebration.  Caroline questioned why we would go to a RESTAURANT to cook the food ourselves over and over but by the time we started eating, I think she was a convert.  Having four kids huddled around two very hot pots filled with oil has the potential for trouble, but we did just fine.  Enjoyed it!

The straight A’ers:

Our favorite was the dessert!  Yumorama.

In other news … because there is ALWAYS news around here …

     * We had a SUPER week at Vacation Bible School last week.  I taught, the older girls helped and the two younger attended.  Savannah worked on the musical each day afterwards it it was great to see it performed on Friday night.

Before the musical there was a family fun night … who wouldn’t want to ride carnival rides on black asphalt at 4:00 in the afternoon?!  It was HOT.

While Savannah was at the musical practice Jacob played basketball with Camp of Champs.  There are no pictures to prove it, but rumor has it that he broke a 20 year camp record for shots.  That deserves a Woot! Woot!  Made his daddy proud!

Speaking of Bill … we did celebrate Fathers Day over the weekend too.  We went to church and watched as Brittany and Caroline and seven busloads of students took off for a week at Camp Tallowood.  Then Bill spent the afternoon watching the US Open while listening to Jacob BEG to take Bill bowling.  BEG!

So, at 8:30 last night we went to the bowling alley.  And 50% of his kids celebrated Bill like crazy!

It will be quiet(er) here this week with two kids gone.  We have one last swim meet, a few parties to attend and some kitchen boxes to unpack!

The Friday pick up of our campers will be here before I know it!