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What Tom Hanks and Bill Baerg have in common ...

They both made fire!

After waiting (what feels like forever!), we now have appliances in our kitchen!

For realz.

And for the first time in my life I have a gas stove.

There is NO WAY to describe for you how funny our first experience on this stove was … but trust me, it was funny.  My sister was on the phone with me for part of it and she said if we were video taping it we would have won money on “America’s Funniest Home Videos”.

I knew the stove was installed but they told me the electricity to the appliances didn’t work yet.  So I told Bill I was going to go see if a neighbor could boil noodles for us so we could have spaghetti for dinner.

Then he mentioned that you didn’t need electricity to use a gas stove.

And I may or may not have said something like … “well how do you turn it on?”.

Then I said “duh” and we lit a match and threw it on the stove.

It exploded and we screamed like fools.

Then I stated yelling that Bill Baerg made fire.  And it was something like this at our house …

It worked perfectly and we high fived like crazy because WE. HAD. MADE. FIRE.

After months of microwaved food, sandwiches and take out … this fire was a thing of beauty.

The only problem was that I didn’t know where our pots and pans were in the garage.  So I called my neighbor and said I could boil my own noodles but needed to borrow her pot.

And I know for sure … a watched pot eventually does boil.

And Ragu has never tasted better than it did than it did on this night.  I’m pretty sure my sister thinks it is a crime against foodies everywhere that I would use Ragu on such a pretty stove but Ragu is how I roll.

There you have it … our first meal.  A triumph indeed!

Oh, and see that box in the picture?  That is the dishwasher.  And once it is installed I’m going to yell … “I. HAVE. MADE. CLEAN. DISHES!".  You just wait.

Paper goods and plastic forks will be but a memory!