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Too hot to blog!

It’s only the beginning of June and so far Houston has set five heat records (of all time!) for this month.  You know what that means, right?

It means it is too hot to blog.

Not really … but it does mean we’ve been trying to keep cool.

Summer started with the traditional “Boogie Down Brittmore”.  That is where we all stand on the side of Brittmore Drive and throw balloons at the graduating 5th graders from our school.  And while everyone else was throwing balloons I tried to determine how it could be possible that next year my sweet Savvy Sue (Savannah) is going to be among the graduates.  Someone tell me how this happened?!?  It almost feels like there are entire years I don’t remember.  But the kids enjoyed it:

We even saved a balloon or two for when we got home!

There have been lots of trips to the pool …  some for fun ….

Each morning after practice Jacob hangs out on the sand volleyball court while his sisters swim:

I watch and pinch myself because it feels like I’ve moved to Mayberry.

We’ve also had a “schools out” sleepover:

And one day this crew showed up on my doorstep.  Before I knew it there were five little boys playing foosball (a neighbor gave it to us!).  They were loud.  VERY loud.  Much louder than a sleepover of girls.  Trust me.

LOTS has happened with our house too.  It is suddenly going very quickly.  See how there is no mantle above the fireplace?  Well, as of today, there is!  :)

Exciting, huh?  The counter tops are due to arrive tomorrow and the floors next week and then there will be lots of pics.  And lots of rejoicing and the singing of “It is Finished” and “Hallelujah”, etc.

Again, trust me.

So far I’ve loved everything about summer.

Especially these chairs.  I’m still in love with these chairs.

They are especially nice for sitting in while we eat our Dreyer’s fruit popsicles every day.

We have to have something to keep us cool!

Last time … trust me.


Hot in Houston