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A sounding alarm ...

This past Monday found our family, for the first time in four weeks, at home.  Bill’s alarm went off just shy of early and I wondered aloud why he had set it.

Then he reminded me that he did, in fact, have a job and he needed to get back to it.  And I thought to myself … “oh yeah”.  I honestly thought … in my sleep state … that there was a mistake.  I mean, WHY would an alarm be sounding?!?".

Duty called.

It was a fun run with some incredible family time.  The blog was … oh so silent … for the past five weeks as we traveled out of the city, out of our state and out of the continental U.S.  At one point my cousin sent me an email asking if I had burned down our house with my new stove (ha!) because it had been so quiet.  My intention hadn’t been to stop blogging the whole time but there was just no time to stop and write.

A quick recap …

On June 26 swim team came to an end.  Savannah made it (for the first time!) to the preliminaries of the Meet of Champs and Brittany made it to the finals.  Brittany swam Sunday afternoon (first place in breast stroke!) and the minute it was over we busted a move to Columbus, TX for family camp!

Family camp was awesome!   It fills my cup.  It’s a special place for us and it was awesome that we were able to go.  The theme this year was “remember” what the Lord has done.  It was very fitting for our year.

We got home from camp on Saturday afternoon, church on Sunday and then … early Monday morning, the 4th of July, we said “Aloha” and headed for Honolulu.

We dropped off our bags and walked to Waikiki Beach.  We couldn’t believe we had just arrived and there we sat having dinner on the beach looking at Diamond Head in the background.  It was incredible!

SOOO many pictures, lot of stories … trust me … it was a good time.

We got into Houston on the 12th at 8:00 in the morning and Bill went straight to work.  Talk about vacation coming to a  crashing halt!  He was there two days and then on Thursday we jumped another plane and headed to Minnesota.  It was fast and furious but our niece was getting married so off we went.

We enjoyed getting to be there for her special day (she had been at our wedding just after she turned one).  Unfortunately there was a heat wave in Minnesota when we were there.  One of the perks of going there is the cool weather … and that was not around this year.  The wedding was beautiful and the reception was in a big red barn.  Quaint and cute!

I love this picture …

And want to know when I cried at the wedding?  When the groom hugged his mama.

It’s true.

And there’s more … including a float trip down the Guadalupe River but those pictures will be another day.  We used up our waterproof camera film and that has to be taken to be developed and well, that is so 90’s and will probably take me a while to do.

Stay tuned …