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It's a story that had to be told ...

There was kind of a big deal football game last weekend in Waco.   Baylor played the University of Texas.  Although we won the game last year, they’ve won it so many times that any time we win we are really, really excited.  So excited that one year we took the girls to the game (maybe 10 years ago) and when we beat UT we all watched as the fans tore down the goal posts.  Good stuff.

Moving on to this year … Savannah wanted to go to the game and really, so did I.  The problem was that no one else in our family could go.  At some point I realized Savannah had a sleepover birthday party to go to the night before (that usually means she would be super tired) and it was supposed to be cold and rainy.

So I told her we probably wouldn’t go.

She begged.

I thought about the cold and rain and said “no”.

She begged some more.  In fact she said … “I’m going to the game on Saturday”.

I assumed that when she came home from the party she’d be so tired she’d forget about it.

Instead, she came in the door wearing her Baylor t-shirt (cracked me up that she had remembered this), put down her sleeping bag and said … “I’m ready to go”.

Y’ALL, the look on her face told me one thing and one thing only ….

I’d better get in the car.

Problem was, I was still in my pajamas.

I quickly got ready and put in a quick phone call to Bill (he was helping with a basketball draft at church) that said … “by the way, Savannah and I are going to Waco”.

And off we went.

My girl has  game.

It didn’t bother us that it was sold out and that we didn’t have tickets and that we were leaving with exactly enough time to get to the game … never mind having to park in ten buck too.

We just drove.

Quick stop by the Baylor Bookstore (I NEEDED a new sweatshirt, it was supposed to be cold, remember?) :) and a look at the bear and we were off …

You can’t even believe how things worked out.  Somehow Sav and I turned on a road that ended up being the exit to the parking lot right next to the stadium and suddenly we were parked.  A man selling tickets at the gate sold us tickets for 1/2 of what people were asking on line … and we were in.


RGIII (you might have heard of him …. and tomorrow maybe the Heisman?!?!) is such a fantastic player to watch.

The rain didn’t even bother us.  In fact the next day someone asked if we got wet and I said “no”.  Savannah corrected me.  I did have Bill’s rain jacket so I guess it did the trick.  Seriously the rain didn’t bother either of us at all.

I asked Savannah a couple of times if she wanted to leave (it became a blow out) and she said “NO.  I’m staying until the end”.

And so we did.

The very, very end.  Then she jumped over the fence and I watched her walk into the crowd.

She was pretty easy to keep up with since she was wearing pink in a sea of green and gold but all of a sudden I couldn’t find her.  I saw what looked to be a parade.  And there … standing right next to RG 3, as he carried the Baylor flag around the field was Savannah.  I almost fell over laughing.

Did I mention that Savannah has game?!?!

Of course my camera was dead at this point (story of my life), but Savannah snapped a few with her itouch:

Y’all, she walked all the way to the gate where the players walk in.  RG 3’s mom was there hugging all the players as they walked in.

Savannah wasn’t finished yet though … wanted her picture with a player and so bless the heart of #50, whoever he may be, that took the time to get a picture with her.

I headed onto the field too … after I recovered from the shock of seeing Savannah walking around next to the front runner of the Heisman trophy award :)!

All in all it was a FABULOUS day.  I’ll never forget it and I don’t think Savannah will either.

Well, she will remember everything up until the time we got into the car and she IMMEDIATELY fell asleep.

Sic ’em Bears!