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Like Simeon ...

I mentioned yesterday that I would be sharing some of my New Years Resolutions.

I have tried many times to read the Bible through in a year and I have never been successful.  And no, that isn’t my resolution for this year either.  I didn’t even mention it when I jotted down a few of my goals on New Years Day.  But then earlier this week I came across a reading plan that I thought I could handle …. reading the New Testament through in a year. 

For those of you who have read the Bible through many times and in many versions, you may be disappointed that this is the best I can do, but I’m excited about it.  It has a chapter a day, 5 days a week.  So if I miss a day, fall behind, etc., there is “catch up” time.

If you are interested in the plan, you can find it by clicking here.  They have one for the Old Testament too if you’d prefer.

ANYWAY … I started my reading yesterday and was reading Luke 2.  In light of the new year, I was so struck by what I read in Luke 2:25.  It said  …. “In Jerusalem at the time, there was a man, Simeon by name, a good man, a man who lived in the prayerful expectancy of help for Israel”.

I LOVE that.

Prayerful Expectancy.

Simeon lived in prayerful expectancy.

Isn’t that so good for the start of a new year?  To live like Simeon … “with prayerful expectancy” of what God is going to do?

Praying God’s will and living in expectation of what he will do in, through and for us.

2012 is going to bring more change for our family.  In 2011 we changed our address and in 2012 Bill will be changing jobs.  We are going to have to live “with prayerful expectancy” because we honestly have no idea what the future holds (other than a mortgage, 4 college tuitions and perhaps 3 weddings - ha!). 

Bill’s company was acquired by another and in the next several months decisions will be made which will change Bill’s career.  He may move to the new company or be asked to look elsewhere.  Either way, there will be change.

But I, like Simeon, want to live in “prayerful expectancy” of what God has planned for Bill and our family.

Today I was watching the live stream from the Passion 2012 Conference (amazing!) and something Louie Giglio said resonated with me regarding all this.  He said … “God turns pages in life.  It’s not like God to put us in a place forever.  He has seasons for us.  Don’t get stuck in the past when God is leading you into the future.  Don’t ever think something is so great that you are too afraid to let go of it and let God give you something else”. 

I think there will be a story to tell about the new chapter in our lives.

I’m prayerfully expectant.