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Operation Omelette

A lot of kids ask their mom … “what are we HAVING for dinner tonight”.  (In my house that question is usually followed by some gagging noises).  Last week however, as I was taking Jacob to school he said “Mom where are we GOING tonight for dinner”.
So I decided … some things are going to have to change around here.   We are going to eat at home more.  When I shared this with a friend she told me she knew it was time to start eating at her home more when she asked her daughter what she wanted for dinner and her daughter responded, “A number 1 at Wendy’s with a Sprite”.  Cracked me up.

Now this “resolution” is a little tricky because we have a lot of weeknight sports events.  We have games tonight and tomorrow night and let’s just be honest here … I’m not the mom who plans out her weekly menu on Sunday, buys all the ingredients, and has everything cooking early in the afternoon. 

Most days I can’t even remember to thaw out meat for dinner.

I think though … with a little more effort on the planning side …  I can turn this ship around … at least a little.

My first “effort” was to make omelettes.  Now a lot of people have said to me … “you can’t make an omelette?!?” … and well, the answer was “no”.  In fact, I had never even tried.  Just the flipping over of the omelette was intimidation enough for me to leave that for someone else to make.

But for reasons still not clear to me, I offered to make Bill an omelette during the holidays.  He said “sure” and it was then that I remembered I didn’t know how to make omelettes.

With a little help from pinterest though, I was off and running.

Except then I realized I didn’t have eggs.

So Bill went and bought eggs while I watched videos on how to flip omelettes.

This was my first one.  Ever.

The best part was that when I set it down the kids came over all wanting a bite and then wanting their own omelette …. proof that Operation Omelette was a success.

In the following days I’ve tried a few new things …. and we really have cut down on the number of times we are eating out.  Of course the challenge will be to keep that up.

One night I had no plan and nothing thawed and then remembered you don’t have to thaw spaghetti or Ragu … so it’s not necessarily that things are going gourmet around here … just going more “at home”. 

I’d love to hear any family favorites you have!  I’m up for a challenge!